Teenaged Babes

Because I just found this site I wanted to give it a little extra promotion.  I love angels.  I love beautiful women and my favorite is the college aged babe.  They are mature enough to be adults but yet still look great.  After years of parties and child birth a lot if not most women start to age and not look as great.  Their bodies are not as firm and their skin starts to look weathered.  Why else do you think millionaires are always with women half their age.  To them it’s like upgrading or trading up your vehicle.  Well if you are going to trade up I recommend trading up to X Angels.



Sometimes I get a little nervous with these sites that say teen because you never know how careful the producers are to protect minors.  but I am assured that Teen Mega World is legit.  The girls are all 18 or 19.  And because they are so beautiful I have to share the site with you.  What an outstanding collection of sites you can find here.  This is the gateway to their entire network. One password gets you access to the entire list of sites such as X Angels and The Dirty Couch. Wait where can I signup for that job I wold even work for cheap.




A lot of the high quality adult sites using digital video cameras are more focused on erotica.  Well this one Hard X is not. They are about as hardcore as you can get without getting into some weird fetish stuff.  The girls are a little more slutty, but the production value is much better than most of the stuff you have probably watched.  Even better than the late night showtime movies.  Too bad showtime doesn’t show this stuff instead.  Well maybe it’s too hard for pay tv.  But the thing is you can just get it from their website and get unlimited views. So problem solved.

Hot College Girls

Well you go to college for the first time and you might if you are like a lot of coeds enter the Greek system.  Here was have coeds getting hazed.  It’s amazing how cruel those sexy sorority girls can be to each other.  I’m not sure how you become friends after that.  No hard feelings? I wouldn’t have hard feeling, I would not want anything to do with people who behave so badly.  This site Haze Her focuses on the hazing that results in sex or some sororities require the pledges to perform sexually to get in.  Does that mean they have a no virgin policy?


Girl Nework

So my understanding is that this is a new type of site Open Life.  Basically we are all familiar with the higher quality adult sites filmed on DSLR cameras that make them look like real movies.  Now they have taken that concept and added back the element of reality.  Real life video watching these girls live their life and all their sex escapades they have on a given day.  What is cool is this site features almost all the top actresses in the biz.  What I would like is one that features two or three stars and really gets in depth like a 24/7 Cardashians type of show that you could maybe even watch a house cam 24 hours a day.